stem sell research and regeneration medicine

RegenMed SA

February 10th – 11th, 2022
8th Annual San Antonio Conference on Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine
Location: Norris Conference Centers – 618 Northwest Loop 410 STE 207, San Antonio, TX 78216
More information to be provided later

Conference Schedule

Coming Soon for 2022!

Conference Flyer

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Keynote Lectures

Amandar Clark, PhD

DoD Funding Workshop

Call for Abstracts

No abstracts for 2021

Keynote Lectures:

Amandar Clark, PhD
Vice-President, International Society of Stem Cell Research
Professor and Chair, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, Broad Stem Cell Research Center, UCLA.

DoD Funding Workshop



No abstracts for 2021

Requirements for Abstracts:

Font – No smaller than Arial 11 and Times Roman 12
Single Space
1 inch margins
No more than 1 page
Name the file: Last Name of the First Author_First 3 Words of Abstract Title.pdf
Example of naming Sample Abstract: “McCarrey_PriStem-A-Primate.pdf”
Abstracts must be in .PDF format only